Heartland Park Track Days with St. John 27 Racing

April 16 - Sunday : Novice/Intermediate/Advance

May 29 - Monday : Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

June 17-18 - Sat/Sun : (18th = 7 ALPHA) Novice/Intermediate/Advance

July 23 - Sunday : Novice/Intermediate/Advance

Aug 20 - Sunday : Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

Sept 24 - Sunday : (7 ALPHA)  Novice/Intermediate/Advance

Oct 15 - Sunday : Novice/Intermediate/Advance

Track day riding schools are instructed by licensed racers and cover street riding to advance racing skills. Instruction includes: Track safety, braking, throttle control, body position, visual skills, suspension, passing and track analysis.

Track day bike prep and info

Free Track Experience Rides are conducted on track days. These are limited spots and must be reserved by email or through sponsors.

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